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Astro-Alchemy Analysis


This unique alchemical interpretation of your Natal Birth Chart by astrologer Emma Zybowski includes astrological charts showing all planetary and sidereal relationships and a personalized report written by an alchemical practitioner. The emailed report identifies the alchemical significance of the archetypal forces in your life, so you can start to “work with the energies” for positive change and growth. Average length: 15-20 pages. Please include the following information in the "comments" section of the order form: 1) birth place 2) birth date 3) birth time. This report complements and expands on the Planetary Assessment report below. Sent by Email. Item #101A. $18.00


 "Thanks for the AstroAlchemy analysis you prepared for me. It was wonderful to read! I enjoyed every sentence. It was so very accurate, so different from other astrology reports ... and so cheap! I read it twice and I am sure I will read it many other times. I want to order another report for my friend." - Jacqueline Jacques (Great Britain)




Planetary Alchemy


This report by astrologer Emma Zybowski reveals the effects of the planets in one's personality and and essence (or soul). The alchemists believed the seven visible planets were expressions of archetypal universal forces that can be enhanced and balanced to achieve personal and evolutionary goals. This reports includes 12 color charts rating the planetary and stellar forces at work with a complete explanation. Includes complete explanation of planetary powers. This report complements and expands on the Astro-Alchemy Analysis above. Sent by Email. Item #102A. $18.00



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