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The Alchemist's Coin



Alchemist's CoinThis ancient coin dates to the time before the invention of paper money. People used to carry coins with holes on string and wore them around their neck or arm. They also fastened them to belts or wore as good luck talismans. This unusually large and high-value piece is known as the "Alchemist's Coin" because it carries all the significant symbols of alchemy. Side one features stunningly beautiful renderings of the Phoenix and the Dragon. The Phoenix is the alchemical bird that rose from the ashes of its own fire and symbolizes alchemical regeneration and the preparation of the Elixir. The Dragon is the alchemical creature that symbolizes power and untapped energy and occurs on all levels of the Great Work of transformation. The two mythic creatures chase one another in the traditional circular pattern of the Ouroboros, which symbolizes the idea that "All Is One."

Side two of the coin contains four Chinese characters. The two characters arranged vertically (top and bottom) are the heavenly forces that symbolize the hidden forces of creation. The top character (with the arrow-like glyph pointing upward) stands for Gold and the striving for perfection. Incorruptible gold is the alchemical metaphor for the Great Work of alchemy, and symbolizes the evolutionary spirit of Nature, as well as health and wealth on the personal level. The bottom character stands for Jade, which in Chinese alchemy stands for bodily health and protection from evil spirits, destructive energies, aging and disease.

The two characters arranged horizontally (left and right) on side two are the earthly forces of manifestation. The character to the left stands for house, dwelling, and the physical body. It symbolizes the importance of establishing a strong physical base. It also stands for the emotional support or family and friends. The character to the right stands for fullness, completion, and integration of the personality. It represents the manifested result of successful alchemy and also symbolizes great wealth and optimum health.

According to modern Chinese scholars, the four characters arranged in this pattern on the back of the coin represent a process of transformation from the lowest level to the highest. This arrangement suggests success and perfection on all levels of one's life. It represents a kind of Cinderella story of transformation from having nothing to having everything -- from changing from a person of no merit or worth into someone who is successful and recognized by others as an outstanding and accomplished being. The Alchemist's Coin is the only Chinese coin that embodies these important symbols that lead to successful transformation on all levels. We have been able to secure a cache of these coins direct form China and are offering them while supplies last. 

  Alchemist's CoinALCHEMIST'S COIN

Large brass, two-sided coin from ancient China contains all the important symbols of alchemy. Dragon and Phoenix on one side, Chinese characters on the other. The coin can be used as a good luck charm or thread a leather cord through it to make a protective talisman. Traditionally, three Chinese coins are used as I Ching prophecy indicators. Approx. 1 7/8" dia. Item # JICHID. $3.95 Free Shipping!




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